Silo Nest

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YES, we took on a project (our New Nest) in February! It is a concrete Silo! 8 inches thick all the way around .It spoke to us & said Gimme a face lift!  We did just that!
It has been so rewarding & fun, making the changes that fit the season of life we are currently in
EMPTY NESTERS! We did a pretty BIG  gut job.Reused many materials, found lots of little treasures & even a few stories shared from the neighbors! Don't ya just love stories that go with" what were they thinking or WHY" well we took on the task as I begin my new life  in blogging world I will share our Nest with you! Before &  after's (Of Course!) We are still adding /subtracting  details .We  have a few projects to finish up. with the chilly weather ahead we will do just that
So grab a cup of coffee or tea  & read on! Get to know me a bit- I'm actually kinda  boring, prefer the simple things in life. I am like a sponge- I want to absorb as much as possible, Not sure about you, but the older I get the less I know!( ha )  I genuinely LOVE to see people happy & succeed. Not to mention surround myself with them! To many are sippin on hate, {what a shame.}
If my hands aren't  in a project or in the kitchen then you can bet I am JUNKIN or dumpster divin I am always draggin somethin home needed or not. I will find a use for it!
Thanks for stopping by  "please say HI" and lets be friends Cheer one another on ! I have a NEED  for dabbling- design /redesign with all the little details. Cooking & Bakin are always a stress reliever, How great is it to have people over, EAT & catch up?. a WIN - WIN for me! Roads trips are a MUST especially  with just the 2 of us! we are counting the HAPPIES along the way!
Above all- Faith & Family is all that really matters! we have been married  over 28 yrs.( to my high school sweetheart!)  We have a daughter that just got married over the summer & is a teacher. A son-who  just left for college where he plays golf! We also have a daughter in heaven.  We are Blessed beyond words can say!

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