Pumpkin Gobs!

My grandma always treated us to Gobs! My brother couldn’t wait to dig into the brown paper bag & start devouring them the minute grandma gave them to us! Chocolate was her specialty, as I have tied my apron strings up & wanted to try few new flavors. This is for all you Pumpkin LOVERS!

3 Cups of flour ( You can use whole wheat or gluten free too)

1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of baking soda   & 1 tbls  pumpkin pie spice

2 cups brown sugar

1 cup of butter ( divided) I always use Imperial

1 15 oz can Pumpkin puree ( I prefer to chill mine in a glass bowl)

2 large eggs  &   1/2 c of vegetable oil

Icing- 3 c. powdered sugar- 8 oz cream cheese-2 tables maple syrup

oven at 350 -line cookie sheet with parchment paper

medium bowl mix  (wooden spoon- I use a wooden spoon every chance  I can)

flour & pumpkin pie spice add baking powder ,salt ,soda

With my mixer , I cream together brown sugar ,& oil then mix in 1/2 c  butter,

pumpkin puree1 tsp of vanilla and then add eggs. When well mixed  add the dry

ingredients and stir with (wooden spoon) ( the dough should be soft- sticky

With a  spoon  I drop a dollop of dough onto the cookie sheet 2 ” space

10-12 mins (depending on oven)  will come out springy when touch .Place them on a cooling rack to completely cool!

Then comes the icing!

In my mixer I beat the cream cheese and butter together add vanilla til mixed,

then add your powdered sugar and maple syrup beat til FLUFFY!

Now we marry the 2 together! Spread the icing on the bottoms of the cookies .Place remaining cookie (bottom down)

When finished I like to wrap them up in plastic wrap individually. You can always toss them in the freezer .I always tend to make  a GOB (double batch) of gobs at our house.

Put on a pot off coffee,tea or simply pour a glass of milk & ENJOY!

Your welcome to add nuts (we have a nut allergy here)

there are so many combinations of GOBS let your imagination goooo!p pie

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