South Haven weekend

We recently took a quick trip to South Haven to visit family.They introduced us to so many fun finds! On Saturday the Farmers Market is a MUST DO ! Holy goodness, From fresh produce, cupcakes, cheese, quiche, jams & jellies fresh cut flowers, & more. My  favorite was  the

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blueberries! Where I purchased 10 lbs,to take home ! My aunt made some fresh blueberry cobble ,Oh my goodness was it delicious ! Wasn’t just the food that was a hit,they introduced us to the local shops, restaurant’s,& shopping, I must say Urban Found was my FAVORITE! We drove up to Saugatuck where there is a little hidden GEM & (also just named the BEST small town in Michigan!!)  Sunset Junque  shop.the treasures were worth the trip! 

While we were visiting my cousins came over from Chicago for the day, We had the BEST time, we  found some windows along side of the road for FREE, & (said take me home so  we did!)  loaded them up  ! Even went dumpster diving for some too! Hit couple garage sales introduced my cousin to the dollar tree store where she was in complete OMGOODNESS mode .Total disbelief that everything literally was a $1. She found a few goodies & plans to revisit!!

We got back in time for dinner where we enjoyed a cookout and my aunts blueberry cobbler. Mouthful of goodness! after dinner a walk was needed, we went to the beach to see the  sunset  where so many gather every evening to get a glimpse & take pictures. We walked along with the sand between our toes, listen to the water and enjoying the simple life! On the way back to the house my uncle pointed out all the homes & shared the stories of before & now the homes have e new life! We saw so many gathered on the decks and lawns, smell of cookout & could hear people talking ,laughing and playing games. Such a different atmosphere  from the hustle & bustle that many live. Very refreshing to see!

As the weekend whines down & say our good byes. Leaving with making  memories, relaxation ,and introduced to new things. Heading back home I cant help to think of what will I do with these blueberries? Endless possibilities! So much to blog about! Loving every minute we spend with family,making plans to do it again soon!

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