Fall moments ,Coffee for 2

As we are empty nesters,we are in a new season of our life!We always enjoyed watching the kiddos soccer games, camping on those crisp evening air, playing in the leave or picking out decorations & carving pumpkins! Now we are exploring new territory, we seem to enjoy porch sittin and warming up with coffee , mapping out the fall festival’s.Stopped at local farm for some white pumpkins( more so for decorating and not carving)! Still apple picking  (of course)  Applesauce and butter await! Maybe even a pie or 2!

Having no time line or schedule is a bit new and getting use to. Embracing this new season in our life!

Don’t forget to grab a friend ,meet up for coffee and catch up. Unplug and connect or reconnect with a friend or 2! I always try to carve that time with frie

nds.It is very important to take a few minutes for yourself .I love to hear what is goin on in their life, gives me some time to decompress  & focus on something else then me! Love to see my friends happy & cheer them on! I never mind listening when they need an extra ear!

Makes some time for you  and surround yourself with happy!


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