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Taking a drive with my hubby on backroads enjoying some ice cream. Scenic route is always a treat. Drive by and see people porch sittin,, looking at the crops  guessin when they will be picked.As the top is off the jeep and the chilly air approaching, having cold ice cream, makes total sense. ha .Listen to the static of the radio, We count the happies around us! As we are getting closer to home the sun is startin to set we witness  fire blazin,  football being played under the lights,battle of the bands .Crowds roarin! Knowing we don’t have to attend another football game with being empty nest now- still miss the boys of fall!

I guess it may all seem a bit boring and not much excitement to many. But for us -Its looking around and enjoying what is around us and count the happies.Even if its not tv ,or cell phones or electronics!  Its simply just enjoying some time with my hubby and no real place to be ! Something to get use to!2149424096157b9124ae3fd3124c7ef2.jpg

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