Little Moments of empty nesters

Definitely a big change from getting the kiddos where they need to be, homework check, soccer games, and not they we ever minded .However as the seasons change so does personal seasons changes too . How peaceful to see the deer in the bean fields, hearing the rooster, sippin on my coffee & hearing our dogs crunch on their breakfast? As  the sun is  rising , I see the dew- covered grass , I think to myself ( what a new out of this moment )season  we have entered .  Or a repeat of 29 years ago .As  the coffee cup was empty (that last for a few moments)  life happens and off to the  elliptical I go.  Let the day begin. Then I head outside to begin chores. Apples need pickin (applesauce making this week. ) Laundry on the line,   Pickin the tomatoes (almost chili time!)  Last of the zucchini, (Freeze some for bread later)  Sadly enough the warm weather is coming to an end so has the  garden .Worked on my crafts to take to the market.  I put a dent in my workload, time to decide what’s for dinner!  Its been a challenge not having extra mouths to feed, Cooking & baking is such a passion for me. I am learning to dial it back. Setting the table for 2 and discovering the meaning of quite and a conversation with my hubby with no interruptions or off to a school event -has been a change for sure, One we are certainly getting the hang of. Watching your kiddos growing into their new season of  life is just as rewarding.

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