Such potential-

We were nestled in a little 900 sq  ft log cabin .Believing it was our forever home .Little did we realize that was about to change .When my father n law fell sick ,we began to look at life through a different windshield.. We decided to  search for a home that would allow us to put retirement  closer and be able to travel and live life tot he fullest (lot earlier than expected)  With my hubby the handyman  and knowing we could see potential in things we didn’t seem to worried that we could do this. 

Location was lay out halfway between 2 towns,, it offered privacy. It was empty for several years. On a Sunday after church we drove by it ,looked at it on-line. But I was hesitant about the 2600 sq ft home .Especially when we downsized. 

The unmanicured lawn ,with it being a concrete sound silo  ,we could see potential. It  once had circular driveway held a large beautiful pine tree .Property  was so unique & needed love & lot of work .The property offered a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle in life.  In 2017  we were blessed with opportunity  to own this home. We had one week to make it livable and then move in .So we put in long hours ,family and friends lend a hand.

As my father n law continue to decline in health, our daughters wedding was approaching, our son was graduating soon & off to college somehow it changed me in more ways than one. Our nest became a place where we could come together ,work and a much need detraction we needed .Our home was what most wouldn’t consider this as a dream home or even give it a 2nd look. It wasn’t on the beach or a lake home or nestled in the mountains .It was simple home life ourselves. Our goal was to have a home where family and friends can gather & enjoy our Sunday  meals , a place  where you feel at home. We began to untangle the mess one day at a time. We had fallen in love with this unique  concrete house with challenging angles it offered. This is where we belonged.

We had been given an out from this crazy ,busy world we live in .We have been blessed with  second chance .We have slowed down,count our happies.  Enjoy listening to the cows ,the roosters   and the sunsets & sunrises are breathtaking.  The simple things in life. home1home2We have been mapping out  places to visit We are empty nesters and living life to the fullest!


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