Canvas & Cupcakes

Oh what FUN! Great evening to spend with these ladies. Full of laughing and creating.  Love the fact they had their own vision and put their on thumbprint on their pics. When you have a vision and watch it come out & becomes  real,  teaching others is so exciting & can be nervous too. Yet they teach me as  well. I learn so much ,just by watching & listening. How they add their very own details.  Good job ladies!

No matter what you have goin on in you life or how your day was- I was able to carve out a few hours  for these ladies  to relax & enjoy .Thats a good feeling .There were  no rules ,no critics or finger-pointing.. Maybe I saw a  few finger painting .(ha)  Unwinding and  meeting new people is always a bonus!  I can’t go without saying Karen treated us to her  cupcakes – pc they make you  want MORE & MORE. She teased us with fall flavors along with a favorite. Applesauce-spice and a pumpkin cupcake. I must say the butterscotch with German chocolate icing took my vote! Thanks  Karen!  Looking forward to Coffee and canvas later this month YES we will paint using coffee

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