Coffee & Grace

What a great combination .Coffee & Grace. It is my daily routine these days . When the sun is getting close to rising , I put on a pot of coffee and map my day out .Ask myself -How are we improve today vs yesterday. As I smell the coffee brewing I rewind & make that decision  that no matter what happens or goes on today I will find the some gold “fruit”   today. Usually that  begins with Grace, -forgiveness- Something that may be out of reach for some. As I  pour the hot coffee and while  adding cream I look out to catch the sunrise closer to peaking  .Most  times I have to forgive myself . & that is something that hasn’t been such a easy task in the past for me. Like many -I am my own worst critic. In the past several years I have really allowed myself to make mistakes, except and carry on .I tell my kiddos ,as long as your learn from them  “your okay” I needed to take  that  same advice. More & more as I forgive myself the more at peace I become with myself. Easier it becomes. That is  such a wonderful feeling.Just knowing  and coming to terms with we are human.  Sometimes I pray the forgiveness for my children, I forgive them, that they haven’t quiet got that experience that we all go through and realize it will come & its ok. Even when it comes to my friendships ,its easier to show forgiveness when it comes down to that’s their choice and I have mine.  Even if we are worlds apart on something.. What challenges me and haven’t quite figure it all out ( and probably wont)  I cant fathom why others live to cause chaos, create  the unnecessary Broadway  theatrical lifestyle ,& YET –  live for it. So-So  hard ,takes too much energy for me. There is such a need for happiness and cheering one another on these days  There is more then enough  Success to go around.

As you start or day off. grabbing some coffee .join me and have grace. Take a few moments & rewind. make today better then yesterday, peak at the  sunrise .Who knows in that few shorts minutes of your long day. You may find just what you need. It becomes so much easier sippin on coffee & grace, then sippin on grumbles ,loathing  anger.

Coffee and Grace


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