Save the Date- Night

Wednesday was the day! A quick hour to dash & dine. Having 2 kids with different schedules became challenging at times. Now  being empty nesters it actually is more challenging much by surprise. We  have no schedules, or places to be.(sometimes).So we have to make sure we chisel time ,lucky for us maybe even  twice a week.

We take turns being the boss. YES- I said the boss .It’s so unfair to both to always make those decisions of where & what.. Now a days, we  find ourselves in thrift stores looking for that gem! Other days hubby likes to stop and get a scoop of ice cream, if it were up to him we would overload on ice cream and skip dinner. Finding new places to eat and walks in the park. Dates do not have to be expensive and over the top .Money can be an issue at times. We have some of our best moments on the back porch with lemonade and our fire pit  turned up playing scrabble. We have more fun convincing the other one that truly is a word.( well in my vocabulary it is) haha. Snuggling on the couch watching a movie is always a bonus! Be creative

Now that our favorite time of the year has arrive. We take full advantage! Corn mazes, pumpkin picking, hot chocolate, bonfire ,festivals .To be honest sometimes we do get fancied up and go for dinner. Perhaps a dress and boots, or his good jeans and boots. Always great to see each other all spiffy at times! 

When I listen to my friends share with me they don’t have time,yet tell me all the things they do have time for.At that point it needs to become a priority for what you want and need.The difference  it can make and impact on your relationship.Cause they will also face empty nest.Its another entire season to your marriage.This is a way to make steps towards that.Some much friendly advice.Leave your electronic OFF .Nothing so extreme in a short few mins  will need your undivided attention.For those of you who can remember .When there were no cell phones or computers to be attached at your ever waking moment.We made it just find.Electronics can be another story I may decide to babble about.Right now I so encourage you to make time,save the date,pick a boss and go! You may just find you LIKE it & realize you want more dates! Here is a fall list of fun I wanted to share !


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