Every Friday since my kiddos can remember, I use to pack them in the car ,grab a newspaper  and say lets go! With a little money and a day of finds was a classic Fri  in our home and still is. Garage sale, thrifts shops even free junk in someone’s trash pick up. You name I would find potential .I would most of the time pack the car full or til the kids would say “MOM NO MORE” Way home my mind would race with ideas & endless possibilities. Once they came to our home I spiffed them up a bit and gave them a new home .The thought was initially to add details & tell a story. I love homes and ones that tell stories. Writing one chapter at a time, room by room, I always told myself; I never pay full price so, if it didn’t fit with what I was doing I would simply sell it at my next sale” That works most of the time. Kids would say I need to get  rid of more.! 

Its come easy to most to make  a home pretty, Searching in magazine’s, Pinterest or even at another, home can seem easy, However you cant copy memories, home is memorable to us . .

I am not a bold decorator, maybe a sprinkle of it. I like timeless-classic pieces. Especially when I re arrange rooms ,it’s much easier fit. Repurposing is a HUGE MUST in our nest. When people come to our home I want them to feel comfortable .When something catches their eye & ask, I simple tell the story of how it got here. Then they have a story that goes right along with it & share. We LOVE that.

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Fun little finds blended with family treasures. The  window mirror to the left was a piece my pop made for us for a wedding gift. The table was a garage sale find for $5. along with the lamp.  On the top of the armoire is my husbands  grand- dads  flag  from his funeral along with  his picture where he was stationed in England , me & married t nana. My grandpas  hat from being a mailman for over 40 years .Details & memories

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