Casual & No fuss

One word that isn’t welcome at our nest is “formal’ My playbook for spontaneous & planned s gatherings. No way by any stretch are my a pro .However I live to learn. Keep  my distance from fuss, I am very old school in most ways. I like eating at the table or on the porch on those welcoming days. My rule when it comes to a get together ,Absolutely  no electronics. Todays world we don’t have a lot of free time to spare, or we may not actually talk to one another (,thanks to the technology )world. So my time is valuable and sparing  & I like to make the most of it. I don’t believe in trying to hard to entertain  or they may feel it. So I try to be simple yet small details. Cooking & baking is a huge passion of mine. Yes I admit I do go overboard sometimes. Nothing like a home cooked meal gathered around the table.  I don’t specialize in appetizers. not such a fan. only because I cook most everything from scratch, if people fill up on appetizers, no room for food. Time  can be a scramble for some. I would much rather sit together at a table and not walk around eating food scattered.  That’s  just me. I usually always choose water, lemonade or Ice tea for drinks. When you allow yourself to have too  many options its gets a bit much. Nor can I whip off 8 plus drinks to everyone . We just don’t do soda at our nest. Others can bring it with them, usually everyone is on the same page.  I always try to mirror some of my favorite childhood moments &stick to my roots. . My grandma was the “BEST” cook, with her little apron on. (as so I) smell of her food, made you want to grab a seat at the table & WAIT!  So I tend to dig out recipes that we can all remember and that sprinkles u

Lets do this!

s with memories of grandma!  I do add a few  healthy tid-bits now, fruit and a salad is usually a must .I must say Rachel (our cousin) makes the BEST fresh salad and homemade dressing. So we all look forward to that .Veggies can be tricky with depending on whos who. .Once everyone comes and shares their dish we set up buffet style .Someone says grace and we dig in-gather around the table and catch up.. Making memories one meal at a time. Then comes dessert (the most important part) Rather its someone’s new recipe  keeping the traditional one  (-that we are all taking bets on if they were goin to bring it). So- its sample time – Brew the coffee and lets go!

Now that were all bloated and 3000 calories in .haha. What’s  next? Sometimes we play  games, watch the kiddos enjoy hide n seek or just visit. Its about making memories and spending that  limited time that most don’t seem to have. I will take whatever time I can get ,Even if its eat and run Haven’t we all been there before !Make it simple, inviting and just relax make memories .Maybe even have a save the date til next time!


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