Choices , Deciding & Simple

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Its so hard to decide with so many choices these days, Seems to be a growing trend. Rather your ordering a  drink at the local coffee spot , shuffling through purses- or picking  toppings for a pizza. Overload .

I am not sure about you but when I am smacked in the face with so many choices and little time, I can never decide.

When it comes to deciding in our house. I keep it simple and neutral. Don’t care for the house looking like a quilt.. Sprinkles of color is so much easier to change .When choosing colors I always find helpful, picking those colors that are just a shade off from one another. White or cream is such a clean ,fresh finish, Some may even feel that splash of black is a great compliment too. I kinda like themes ,only because I can stay focused and incorporate some family pieces into the design. Example; our son is a golfer. I have an antique club used for the rod of a valance. He wanted most white and black room, I finished it off  with gray. I though in plaids and an old bedspread from great grandma to finish the room,Simple

When putting the kitchen and breakfast room together that was a no brainer for me .I knew right away my grandmas pieces were goin to be showcased.Along with other family members pieces.I have a collection of family cookie cutters ,flour sifters, and graters. Measuring cups are from way down the family line, .they add a perfect touch to my shelves .My grandmas and mine ribbon’s from the events we participated in .   To add that special touch to our kitchen my dad and hubby put in concrete countertops. Dad  use to work with masonry, I must say I am very much pleased .I feel granite is so over done. I just love “different” For the kitchen island we wanted butcher block!

   Window treatments can be another tough challenge. It drives me crazy to do a drive by and people have every shade of blind on a bright color house. Again ,the quilt look. If you choose blinds or shades I feel they must all match inside and out, To achieve that its should be a neutral color. I ordered burlap half circle valances for all room but the bedrooms. .I kept with the round silo look by using those .Were country folks, no real close neighbors to have to have layers on our windows. If your going for a bigger feel in a small room Go tall, set the rod up high and let them hang, Gives it a larger feeling.

Keep it simple  ,choose your style and when making decisions, keep it to a minimum of 3 choices, Other wise you will take forever to make that decision. Safe bet is when you keep it neutral. That way if you get a new piece of furniture or rug, its blends perfect.

A tip-I keep a little card box with each room, along with a bag of receipts.  Paint color, where I made purchases. And how much. Its important to us to stay on budget, Also if I need to grab some paint I font have to second guess or repaint the room. Keep in in budget can also alter your choices. Don’t look at items out of your budget, That does nothing but waste time getting you excited .If its not in reach don’t look !

In our nest I stick to a few rules. It must be on sale, in budget and look timeless. I am not into fads, they fade to quickly and so does your money and time well spent. My favorite places to shop are-thrift stores- local shops – Zulily -Wayfair and Target. Those are my goto’s. A few other places. those are my staples. Projects to make and build is my handy husband and myself team up! There ya have it. Hope it helps when feeling overwhelmed!


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