Unfamiliar ,disconnect,& under attack. we have pre-notions,  Unpredictable environment and Uncomfortable situations is the unknowing they can take us out of our comfort zones. I think it can be a  be not such a good thing for  many. Others I believe is just what the doctor ordered. That would be me “the organized, scheduled rule kind of gal.” The things I just made mention is all me. I ask how do I allow myself to get into these situation’s. Well “I  catch on to late.”  I thought I had life all planned out   .Map of certainty .Little did I know that would take a turn.  MOre like a 360. It’s so unfamiliar to not have to be at a school or at kiddos event,  What would I fill that time with? . You can ask our children -I can’t recall  but twice I missed an event of theirs.  Now – I  discover  I am so disconnection with teachers, friends the whose whose & what’s what etc.  It doesn’t really get to me unless I am driving by the school or friends  is sharing with  me about her kiddos , or scoring at the soccer game!   Then  it comes to me, I was so disconnected with so many other people when I was involved  on every day kiddo events. (sorry friends)  Now its role reversal time or the cycle of life.

We don’t live strict schedules now, traveling town to town, talking about that player or that assignment they don’t want to do, . Coming under attack – what  we do hear  “is  what do I do now?   How do you fill your time slots?  .   Simple- we don’t have to. At least not with  those familiar events.Now with our own.  Learning to create our own schedule and our  new season of life .  Filled the loveunpredictable , bringing our wish list  to life!.  Definitely – out of  our comfort zone . Learning to  process & understand  its ok to not necessary  have a full ,strict routine. .   Coming  to realize we  find ourselves moulding  our own path.  In the mean time . we listening to our kids discovering their own ways  with the tools we were able give them. When you see your children flourish  in life, their own agenda  ,having their own set of rules.  It tends to come  a bit easier letting go and knowing you did okay as parents. They are actually teaching us, (without realizing)  What I mean by that is they are telling & showing us they are okay and loving life . That is such a big deal to us as parents. Cause seeing your children escalate and move their own mountains is such a gift and bigger than yourself.

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