I ask myself at least 50 times a day. IF.  If I had more time,if I could,or if I had few extra hands.Well I am goin ask you.

If you were a to script  a “creative day” what would yours say/look like ? Odviuosly the fun comes with saying if! Mine would say defenitly some time on the computer figuring out all “this over the top technology”. Need sim[ly people .Ha ha I would listen to some goto music,Which I must say  is Chris Stapleton at the moment.I am a country girl at heart,Love me some old school country and I am in for anything. Music helps me through everything!

Of course I would defentiley be creative in finding new fun ways for my holiday open house coming soon.I love the unique-and what stands one another out from everyone else.Trust me thats not always easy .Always in serch of new fun ideas.

Being creative with dinner would also make my list.I like to try new things and create dishes.I have the perfect taste tester.Hubby will eat just about anything. Kiddos not so much of a fan..

If I would have extra hands I would wave my magic wound and say  this is the way I would like to have this project in our home finished.Never even time. lots of ideas.

Of course this is all based one creative  day and IF.What would  you do!?



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