Simply Sunday – LOVE-

Favorite day of the week has arrived. Lots happening in our nest today. Son is home for a quick overnight visit. We wanted to squeeze in a cookout. Fall weather is in full swing. Grill is a must. Driving back from church I am trying to whip a menu together, As always everyone brings a dish to share .I am sticking with simple today. No fuss .We don’t always get these visits much, so spending time with family & not so much in kitchen is important today!

Brats and hamburgers sound yum! Mom is bringing her homemade potato salad and a strawberry dessert that is DELISH! Recipe below. Our Cousin makes a fabulous Gluten free pasta salad. No one really knows that but her & I! The rest of dishes will be a surprise for all. I am goin to make a corn salad. Quick-easy- so much flavor!. Quick tips for a successful no fuss get together! I always offer water, lemonade or ice tea for drinks. Keep choices to minimal.1=2 proteins. Grilling is perfect, especially if you can gather on the porch. If time is not your your side, its perfectly fine to grab a few salad from the deli, or cheese and crackers. a friend introduced me to pretzel bread sliced with Swiss cheese. Oh- is it good! Maybe even a pick up dessert from the bakery. When I am in a pinch I love the Marie calendar pies. Not to mention the smell from the oven draws them in !! They really are next best thing to homemade! Bake beans with some added brown sugar in the oven is always a hit too. Just stick to the basics. Set the table, or buffet style -gather around, we say grace and dig in. More importantly at our nest NO electronics at the table. time is sparing I want to make every moment count. If they cant follow suit then they don’t come to the table and eat.They know that here. As we talk about our week & catch up even snap a few pics is what’s its all about. I love hearing what each one of us is doing and what’s ahead such a great way to be in the loop and give extra support if needed! Give your Sunday a boost , try it for yourself! Happy Sunday friends!

Strawberry fluff– 1 lb strawberries cleaned and chopped into small pieces

1 can drain crushed pineapple-2 apples peeled and chopped into small pieces-1 tub of coop whip -1 snickers bar. (nuts peanuts optional)add strawberries ,apples ,pineapples and cool whip together ( and nuts ).spread into 9×13 on cut up snickers into little pieces sprinkle on top .throw in frig for at least an hour! enjoy

Corn Salad 1/2 ts black pepper- 1/2 ts sugar -1/2 ts Italian seasoning 1/2 cup mayonnaise (not miracle whip) 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/4 cup of olive oil- 2 ts water 1 glove garlic 4 ears of (4 cups) of kernels cut off the the cobb ( or if in pinch 16 oz frozen bag corn will do) fresh is always best. 1 cup of roaster red bell pepper. I have used the orange pepper ass well .adds the perfect color. 4-5 basil leaves sliced thin. Its ok to add small red onion to taste also.

1 Whisk black pepper. seasoning, mayonnaise, vinegar 1/4 cup vinegar,1/4 olive oil ,water & garlic until dressing is thick & creamy .Cover and chill in frig.

Heat remaining olive oil and corn ,red pepper until lightly toasted. 12 mins or so Transfer into a bowl. until cooled .Add the creamy dressing, May have some left, depending on your taste .Add the basil before serving! Enjoy

c salad.jpg

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