Working Progress

Our nest is coming together its a working progress. Were focused in on our sons room. He  is a simple ,sleek and clean cut -kinda  guy. Everything has its place for him. He loves white! I choose a black and white accent pieces. He is a golfer and playing at college , so I had to of course incorporate that.  I had a vintage club  (found at a garage sale for 50 cents.),how fun would that be using it as a rod for curtain!? When it comes to golf for some reason plaid pants come to mind.(ha) The local thrift store had some beautiful material I snatched up. It makes the perfect curtain! Not to mention it was $3,So far so good. When at a sale not long ago this chair and stool just total y spoke to me and said “TAKE ME HOME” My original thought for it was to re sell it. But when putting his room together I said NOPE-no re sell for this cutie.. this space will add that great detail  That detail cost  me $4. When shopping with my mom I stumbled on a picture that I could not resist.MR. yes MR. black and white. So our son. Not to mention, the on goin joke is  since he turned 18 is he favorite to say “I’m a grown man” Oh so grown up right? ( has so much to learn) But he’s a grown man a MR now!  No changing his mind. so – I had to grab it, lucky for me it -was on clearance for $8. As I brought the pieces into the bedroom and started putting them together. Started coming together. Piece by piece. When curtains were hung chair in place and sign up I was LOVING IT! When he came home he did too! there was something so missing. As we wait for the trim to get put up and the closet to finish. We would have his room complete .Well- I saw this sign “Walk by Faith” I knew that was such a staple to our faith. it had to be find a place on the wall for a small cost of $6 ! So far so good. Here’s  a sneak peak. when rest is completed more pic to come!thumbnail-e1507459473261.jpg

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