Season friendships

As I grow into seasons of my life,I have come to realize friendships go through them as well. I am so fortunite I am surrounded with many seasonal friendship, right along with long term realtionships as well. When the kiddos were in school we seem to have our sport friendships, When we only saw and  caught up during the sports. Most of the time we returned right where we left off.

Friendships are measured with many flavors. .That statement may be confusing to most. To me it makes perfect sense- .here’s why- I compare it to when your choosing what’s for dinner .I have friends I can laugh with, some that will listen, a few that can be straight honest.(even if its painful).There are some  that sadly enough if  sociability   reasons, I really don’t want to admit this ,but I’m gona.-I can count several that have friendships ,based on just ” tell me what ya wana here kinda thing” that is so heartbreaking to me. How to we improve ourselves, or learn, become better people if we surrounding   ourselves with what we want to hear, and actually knowing your doing that to feel good about yourself. I actually say extra prayer for them. Maybe its because I choose to surround myself with feel good people.. I choose to redirect from all the negativity, Takes up -way to much time and energy  to be full of negativity..

Love my ladies, Love to laugh, listen and be there for them. I  seem have grace, give grace more these days .When I look in my own rearview mirror I have always fallen short of what I believe in or lost sight of values and moral’s.I only wish I could of done this sooner .But then I may not be where I am today- Who knows. .  I L  O V E  where I am today.A new season in life sorting my seasonal friendships out as well.!


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