Parkersburg WV

We took a little road trip last weekend .After seeing Parkersburg in back of a magazine .I checked it all out .few hours from home, when I heard murder mystery, candlelight tour of mansion .,Dinner to look forward to ,on the island  .This all seems exciting. So Who’s in? Lets go!  I asked a few friends ,my mom and step dad.

Tickets were purchased,7;15 for the boat ride to the island was set. .When we all gathered in the hotel lobby,we were all raving  what great beautiful gorgeous fall whether we were having! The trees were in such rich colors. 70 degrees was a perfect set up for the evening!

Before they all arrived, we took a field trip,down to the river,explored the bridges, fishing, next to the river was a market and chili cook off! We  were curious  to see what the other end of town had to offer.Our favorite picks were the few garage sales and chatting with the locals,getting ice cream by the farm market, We ate dinner at Cheddar which was such a treat for us .Hand made from scratch -OH so fresh! We both agree that the winding road lead us to Henderson Hall right outside the city limits.It was like stepping back in time to the 1800’s.A brick 29 rm mansion with full of history and stories to tell.Such a grand entrance as we greeted with our tour guide.We were incomplete AWWW knowing we were in the same place presidents had stayed.After our tour & stories and getting the idea of how they lived was an experience to share and treasure.

Back to the hotel to get changed and ready for guest.As we all came together and headed that way, Yet another scene of beauty over the bridge surrounded by rich colors of fall.As we arrive to get on the boat,we happened to see a little festival on the hill,so we took a gander at it ,come later to realize it was apple butter festival.Had some live music,some  food vendors..A couple of ladies selling the cutesy most adorable dresses .What really caught our eyes were these burlap screen print scenes. ,farm animals, sayings. when my friend & I talk to the guy behind these masterpiece’s, he shared that HGTV will be using them to decorate .How EXCITING for him -we will be sure to keep our eye out for that .

Time to catch our boat,was a 5 min. ride, sun was getting close to setting.When you arrive all you can see is a welcoming path of lights,small barn to eat in or under the tent.We had some time til dinner was served.we went where the music was playing,apple butter was be made by a church youth group.lady drawling silhouettes.(which a few of us did) Keep in mind this was all back to the original time it took place.Where  my eyes went  to was the horse and wagon covered rides.We all decided to take the after dark ride. Off  to candle light  dinner,these lovely young ladies sang to us during dinner.Then  as it became dark we were anxious to take the path of lanterns as it lead up to the mansion. When we made our way up there were,that were people singing, were they a hoot! Our tour was to begin, as the story telling  took place, history was told, off we went. Pictures were a must in the entrance. more music, candle light, watched the couples danced, so much to see & learn. As the tour came to an end we made our way to the horses. We took our seat, however our friends were lucky enough to get front seat and sit with the tour guide. She was in horse heaven! A moment  she will treasure, for sure. through the woods, we could have not asked for a better story-teller, he was amazing!!! History is so rich on Blennerhassett  island, once owed by George Washington (Because my hubby bought the book & told me that) It all had to come to an end, had a quick trip to the gift shop,and back to the boat.As we got on the book and waved good-bye .A GHOST was spotted.  The conversations lead into breakfast. We put this down on our list of MUST SEE! Always the 2nd week in Oct. MUST have tickets ahead of  time .Goes on for 2 nights only!

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