Showing Grace is a tall order for sure.

Grace is a little prayers at dinner. it’s a much higher calling.Look for ways to shine your grace toward others and inspire them to do the same. Passing on grace makes the world a better place. To show grace isn’t about being kind now and then.Grace is something we do not deserve but receive in ways that are freeing. When we give someone grace who needs to be forgiven, we forgive them. When we offer grace to someone who can never pay us back, it is REAL.Some people don’t deserve it but that is what grace is. Grace is an undeserved   favor.
I have a friend who many times I feel   does not deserve a favor , & consideration because she speaks without thinking ,has no filter. She  speaks bluntly,very opinionated , a very unhappy soul.. It is a struggle to give her grace during these moments . I get  so frustrated .I truly pray that she can come to realize how unhappy & unpleasing she may be to others and hope she comes to realize if she let go of her anger she may just experience happiness.
It seem to me that being so angry or so unkind to others takes so much more out of us .Negativity is not a good atmosphere to be in or live in.

Life  changes when you begin to embrace grace.  You will grow through your days with his grace on us, he even  gives to us who don’t deserve it.   In order to give /show it we must understand in our  own life.. It is  so hard to comprehend  grace at times  and to the full extent.  I struggle at  times. I  have noticed my growth and how free it feels & continue  to grow daily. Everyone is capable of adding more grace to their  life . . If someone  is upset or  ‘did’ you “wrong,” it’s  never wrong to do what’s right. Some times when situations like this apprear in front of me ,I just say nothing at all,  underneath my breath I give grace and say a little prayer. How heavy their life must be carring that around..
. Perhaps   others  will practice grace & forgiveness  as well..Be the person  that not only is graceful in life’s moments when were upset with someone or a situation., but , be the person who shows others the meaning of grace. When you don’t want  to show someone grace, when you think they didn’t make the best decision-, think again.- We’ve all heard  “But by the grace of God, .( lets embrace that.)   I am not saying its alwys  easy. However I do  know each time I do-grace upon grace it does gets easier, one moment at a time.  

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