New Adventure awaits

Knowing for a awhile,I have been  putting in motion and trying to connect all the dots for a new adventure!  Research, digging, frustrations, uncertainty ,and making the right fit for me is all coming together.

Having a must have list to get me started was a MUST! Reasons why- I wanted to use my creativity , make a difference,  have a purpose and have FUN! As I began to put the pieces together, it was more clear I was headed in the right direction. Questioning myself daily and sometimes wanted to turn around, my list would have to come out and remind me of just why I was doing this ! .Friends kept me focused, cheered me on!!

We have the cutest little 1953 Shasta camper. It screamed ” gimme some LOVE” My plan initially was to sell my blue ribbon bakery items out of it. We began demo! Shasta took shape. Then we had a bump in the road  & was put on hold till after our move. As it sits in our silo now ,Shasta wants to come out and hit the road!

My direction took a turn. I saw these GREAT faith based t-shirts. Ordered a few and said .I think I could do this. My my own thumb print on it. Lots of research ,with the perfect fit for me .I did just that.I order from a company along with creating my own. Now the big question is how will I promote them? I have a sweet friend that I have always admire from a distance. She has a photography business and specializes in senior girl photography .She has so much FUN and it shows. Every part of her business clicks and looks pretty effortlessly! Of course I had to ask many questions, and take notes. I followed her lead by having models to help promote .So I made a list of who I would want to take part. I shots some pics, and moving right along. But, that Shasta still needs to be a part of my plan. I cant  do both concession and sell shirts.or can I?  In one hand I have the shirts with a purpose in the other  what does most people like? Coffee. Coffee & Grace. something I live and survive by. I think I had just- what I was looking for. Little coffee shop ,with maybe a few treats & my shirts with are a feel good kinda  thing. Its  a  WIN – WIN in my book. Plan in motion ,its coming all together. I asked a few friends & family to model my shirts ,took a few pics and off we go!  I’m sure we will have few hic cups along the way , but that will outshine all the wonderful smiles,people we meet, fulfilling a purpose and having FUN will be so worth it! Having people surround me and cheering me on is so rewarding.  stay tuned!

grace wins




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