Thanksgiving my favorite Holiday

My most favorite time of the year .It really gets overlook. I love and enjoy the fact is about family gathering. Enjoying some favorite  food and carrying on traditions.Although this year has been a bit more challenging. With many of our family member moving into their homes, along with my father in law passing this year. There for sure    a sense of  emotions and change in the air.In the past I have always hosted both sides of our families .I very much enjoy cooking ,baking and hosting them. I love to spoil others with home cooked favorites.  Preparation’s are under way. Hubby will smoke our aunt is bringing her famous sweet potato casserole. Mom is carrying on with the pumpkin pie. I will fill in with all the side dishes .cranberry salad ,tators, veggies, most likely my peanut butter pie.The small when we went to grannys or my grandmas & nanas house is most wonderful scent ever. To walk  in ,drop your coats and head straight to the kitchen to see what is cooking! .That is one thing I hope to continue in our home.

What holds this holiday to my heart is is family, catchingPottery Barn Thanksgiving Table.png up and no worries if you got the perfect  gift, or the grumbles of how tired we are of chasing our tails looking for “the gift”, If everyone would quit using the excuse of “were busy: aren’t we  all? You just have to decide priorities, set boundaries or simply own it .I am certain you aren’t telling the people you are with that excuse. It basically comes down to where you want to spend your time!

What I have seen most over the last few years. is electronic use.It is simply mind boggling to me. that people drove a great distance .maybe see you once a year and they cant stay off the phone. WHY? What is so urgent that holds your undivided attention for a few hours to catch up with the people you are with. Electronics are a pure addiction and  toxic relationship. Nothing more drives me bonkers to have to  compete with that.I am to the point just stay home and quit wasting my time. I don’t cook, clean,spend money to have people sit at my table and be on their phone. I say shame on you! My advise to others. Keep your holiday simple, enjoy .set your boundaries and carry on my friends!

(pottery barn table ware)

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