mcOh what fun & exciting time ,memories of Christmas Eve. Best childhood memory -was I got to spend it with my dad and step mom ,same tradition every year, Off to grandmas house we went.Walking into the little 800 sq ft house and smell of grandmas cooking, mmmm-  Coats off and the countdown began,”grandma how much longer til we eat?” She would say when I am ready and when it’s on the table.Seems like we waited for ever.No presents -til  we ate everything on our plates. With a tiny kitchen and the BEST cook in the world grandpa would put the leaf in the table it went from wall to cabinets, scrunched A countertop and table full of home cooked food. We sat down with a not so good appetite because we couldn’t wait to open gifts and see if Santa would stop by to visit.Grandpa was sure to take his time and make us sit there patiently as he would go on to his 3rd helping of food.When grandma excused us all to  the living room.She would pass the gifts and waited for a knock at the door. Sure enough HO HO HO -SANTA IS HERE! my brothers had mixed feeling about him. so did I at times. Quick visit-how he knew we actually our mischief throughout the year and reminded us to behave next yr.As the evening wound down I would keep an eye on the clock I had to be home to moms at 8 pm. As dad warmed up the car and started filling the trunk,grandma gathering our coats, We waited slowly making it to the door almost out Grandma Says “wait just a minute” she came back from the back porch (pantry room) with a shirt box full of cookies” We said YES” “thank you grandma! Every kind of cookie you can imagine. She was always good about sending box of cookies home with me to give to my mom too.Now as an adult I appreciated so much and so did my mom.They always had a civil relationship.  Packed up and hugs-sloppy kisses we piled into the car. My 2 brothers and I had our faces planted to the windows. we always found the red light in the air as dad would head to my house ,I was always hoping I got there in time to get to bed-.Of course now I know it was just a tower with a red light. Oh what fun to believe and memories of my childhood Christmas Eve.Fast forward to when we had our daughter ,we begun our own traditions.As our children was old enough I would always let them pick one of their favorite food items and I would make us dinner, head to church then we would come back and open gifts to each other,make room for Santa!  After we tucked the kids in hubby and I would treat ourselves to shrimp & glass of wine. We waited for Santa and went to bed! Now that our daughter is married I passed the  baton to her and started a new tradition at her home on Christmas Eve.She is still continuing to ask “what’s your one favorite item I can make you?” as we do not have any grandchildren ,we still continue to head to their house and keep it going! I do get anxious t o see what their traditions will be once they decide to start a family. Our son is in college so he still tags along with us “we don’t mind what on the table or under the tree” all that matters to us is who is around the tree! I have to tell ya I make a box of cookies myself, most are all grandmas recipes.  My brothers face lights up & so do I -knowing I can carry that tradtion on!  Merry Christmas to all!

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