organHope y’all had a Merry Christmas! Now as we take down decorations & pack them up. This is a perfect time to make a yes or no pile. I enjoy putting my house back in order & declutter. This makes the best time to do just that. Totes are a must ,to make it easy for next year, mark each tote-Wreaths-Garland-ornaments -gift bags etc. If you get new ornament’s or decorations. put others into a “NO”pile .As we start to put our gifts away , if I get a home decor piece I like to rearrange, take out a few items give the house a fresh look! Rule of thumb here is if you bring a piece into the house take one out. That is so I do not over clutter the house some with clothes. it’s a perfect time to toss some clothes and give closet a facelift. Some start the year with workout and lose weight. So why not clean that closet and treat yourself a few new things when you achieve that goal. Some may not think of this, I just did this yesterday. CLEAN out your pantry and refrigerator .Again if your starting the new year our. I tossed my flour, sugar and junk food donated my sweet’s to others.A quick tip -I have been putting honey in my coffee tea etc. I am not using sugar or creamer. Love it. any who- gather all those items in NO pile and donate to a thrift store, someone you may know could use them. Don’t trash them,Someone is always is need of something. Over all you did 2 good deeds .Please have the kiddos clean and declutter their space too. I always found it interesting to see what my kids would toss and keep. Same rule if new toys in-old toys out, Our kids always aware or knew others that would enjoy having them. Teach them early on, it sticks with them!

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