goals So many of us put themselves through so much stress when finding a resolution for the Jan 1.I use to also. I found over last 10 yrs -No need. I decide I want to improve on doing many things better in al areas of my life .. I always set my self up for failure & disappointment .Cause a year is a  long time. Maybe start with month long or 3 months. etc. then it    doesn’t tend to be so out of reach When you reach that goal its a BIG deal.!! .Keep it simple . Don’t understand when people get on a kick of eating better on Jan 1..Shouldn’t you try all year. I hear my friends grumble about all the cookies junk food in the house -Its so hard. . I always say who bought them?  Solution- don’t buy them. When you try to do it cold turkey a lot can happen. Mood swings-with draw-sluggish. Make one cheat day. Make sure you do it out of the house. Make one thing you can’t live with out. My cousin could not give up coke. She is the most clean and organic eater I know. She keeps a hold of a coke 2x a week. She started with 1-2 a day. You don’t have to work out everyday. Start with 3-4 times a week or start at 20 mins a day. Don’t try to do everything at once. Then it becomes natural to you. Set small goals like weekly. That is why new year resolutions don’t work.

Think about working your” all over ”  How about be kind-smile-less talking-more listening Going to visit someone .Put down your cell phone more. Read a book, take a nap, I just shut down my fb acct. Needed such a break, people are not nice, have nothing nice to say ,political things are crazy. I get we all have an opinion. But unless someone ask ,keep it to yourself. Keep things personal,  I feel some things need to stay to yourself. your love life-politics-secrets and opinions. I hear people creeping on people. or did you see how fat she was? WHO CARES. we don’t know their story. People are so obsessed with everyone else’s business .Mind your own. My life is enough to keep in tact I don’t need to worry about others and spend time worrying about someone I don’t care about or even like. Just my thoughts on clearing extra time in you day. Find a way to make better use of your time. When you declutter negative from your life as much as you can you feel so much better, happier, etc. It truly breaks my heart to see people so full of negative and hate. What it must be like to carry that around with them daily.

Calendars-planners- get them out. Mark on your calendar now- give yourself a 3 day weekend. -date night-.My husband and I have date night every week. We take turns being the boss and make all the plans. Its as simple as ice cream and driving back roads .To dressed up and eating out! Make a date with your kids-friends-.Having time to do those things make life more simple. I have friends say there is no way I can carve an hour out of my 7 day wk to have a date. I said : so sad: We make time to do things we want to do. Even if its coffee in the am ! Make that time!   Plan  some needed things you been wanting to do, painting a room-or cleaning garage-plant the garden .Whatever you want. Plan it. Something to look forward to ! I think it’s always good to know things are getting done and memories are being made .Keeps us not feeling so overwhelmed!

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