Good morning y’all! since Christmas I have been taking some me time! That is unusual for sure. Another thing I have been watching Netflix. YEAH! Ask my family I am not a big tv  person. Some things I am watching just random. I am not a beat em up+ killing kinda  movie gal,  just can’t take bad language either.  So these are my picks  & after I watch them I look at my hubby and say” WOW” I needed that & for different reasons ! We Love Love the” Crown” we have family from England, we learned so much through our nana and her memories growing up and how things just work over there!  I have always had this fascination with the Royal family. If you do too ” perfect”

Love some” Heartland” what a great family setting in Canada. I want to live there after watching it!  Life lessons & just the small, simple  ,hometown feel is “sweet”

  We watched the   TV  show “Better Late  then Never”.HOLY COW. if you want to laugh & laugh there ya go. 70 yr old  men having a great time experiencing a trip together Henry Winkler+William Shatnere+Terry Bradshaw + George Forman . They are  a HOOT!  kudos to them for living life !

WOW. OMGOODNESS – Last night we flipped on a new show ” the Good Witch” with Catherine Bell  & James Denton.  Hooked-Lined & Sinker.  watched 4 hrs . How does that happen? I don’t normally watch 4 hours of tv a week! So much in that series that I LOVE and lessons learned  . MUST watch!   Still waiting for “Nashville ” to come back on ! 

Any- Who. Point being .Its snowing out, cold, I’m learning  too .Making time for myself and relax  a bit more. and watching these  shows are making me laugh-learn-and think about  situations a bit differently .  I have been struggling with a few things in my life as we all do – I am always up for a  new look at another side of a situations  that I may of not thought of.  Now after watching ,a few shows things  look a bit clearer for me  !  I am such a BIG BELIEVER in things happen for a reason .There is a reason I am watching them- I understand now !!  Grab some hot cocoa ,unplug, snuggle up and put your favorite show in .make time for you. What’s  your favorite Netflix shows?

Happy watching

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