I tend to hear many say they want to start budgeting and get on track with their money. I always suggest Dave Ramsey. He is incredible. We have used him for years. The envelope system. Yeah its hard. at first. But just like anything else. Again- get your calendar/planner out and decide on how many trips or big purchases you want to set out to do this year. Tough decisions. When goin to the grocery TAKE CASH. leave your card at home .Its so easy to slide that card. When you have cash your responsible for getting what you need and maybe a little extra. Pick a day or days to eat out. Give a set limit. Take cash. Decide what is most important for the week. Save money eat in. or save time and eat out. Set a limit. Cut coupons. So many great apps out there. I always purchase a lot from “boxed” I go through ebates so I get paid for shopping!

We have a act for bills-electric-insurance-phone etc. Then we have act for weekly spending .groceries-gas misc. When ever there is over time or money from the business we put that in the savings. We don’t live off that. Its not always there. So don’t live or feel you have to work x amount of hours to live. If that s the case. I would be cutting something out. When we had a house payment. I tell our daughter and she has been since she bought her first house. Take the amount of you or house payment Ex- $400 .divide that by 52. = $8 a wk or $33 a month. When you make 1 extra house payment a year it takes off 7 yrs of your mortgage.. Tid -bit always have enough money in the bank for at least a month worth of bills. Never know if your goin to be off or emergency.

I know kids and sports -school can be expensive. We always allowed our kids to do one sport at a time .We couldn’t afford travel teams-extra shoes- gas $ to go watch etc. We didn’t want them to get burned out & keep grades up. Besides our kids were not goin to be professional athletes. Buying 2nd hand clothes or cashing in your clothes to help pay for new ones. You should make your kids make tough decision’s too. When they go on their own and realize that cant have designer clothes all the time ,they will have eye opener for sure. As my daughter says tooth paste does not grow in the drawer. Its parents responsibility to teach to go out on their own one day. Enabling them isn’t the best solution. Set boundaries give them choices. If they are unable to work give them something around the house to do to work the cell phone bill for the month or to buy those new shoes. Making choices is everyday life . When our daughter got married we set a budget. They decided on how they would spend it With the tools we supplied her with early on she was fully aware she needed to stretch that budget.. When it was all said it done ,they chose less expensive menu ,we made the flowers, we made the table arrangement’s-, they had friends that were DJ. they got a discount. It was the most beautiful wedding ,very little came out of their pockets ,that was their extras they wanted. So it can be done, just need to start them early.

Recap-set boundaries-say no- be accountable- plan accordingly – hard decisions become easier later on.

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