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A new year is about to begin  y’all! !   What is on your agenda? We don’t really do much. Never have in 30 years we been together. We usually would goto lunch or dinner, occasionally watch the ball drop. Yep were” boring”  people ! The thought of staying up late (when your use to a 3;30 am alarm everyday) -knowing people are drinking and not smart enought to stay off the road- and wearing silly hats and glasses to see 12;01 isnt that enticing for us. For some people they get a complete thrill .  New years resolution’s are a bust and over rated to us -we  just try to set goals or better ourselves in our weakest areas.  We do string some of our favorite memories together and recap.

Once we decide on what we are looking forward to. We really on the discussion on buying a 2nd home ( retirement home) .We are looking into charming small towns, so much to factor in .We don’t want to drive  all day and night to get there or have to fly .I don’t fly and I wouldn’t want family and friend to not be able to visit with those extra expenses. W have a few places in mind and maybe taking few weekend trips soon to check them out. That’s exciting!  I bought a insta pot-do you have one? Quick-easy & HEALTHY all in one. That is gonna make meal time wonderful around here! My daughter bought me  gluten-free cook book for Christmas I cant wait to get started with the recipe’s!. They are set up for 2.PERFECT! Planning a few trips this year. our niece is having a destination wedding so there is one. .Most likely several long weekends here and there .The business is doing great it is a slowest time of the year. getting ready for spring season! We have a 1950 Shasta vintage camper and the  started this project over 3 years ago. Want to finish it and take it on the road  to sell our goodies! Overall stay focused on the big picture and what is ahead. So many of us think a day at a time ,We must think of how to prepare for the next phase or season ahead   especially when it come to retiring. .

We started attending   a new church in July, we are really enjoying it and feeling right at home..  We wanted to get settled  before we started to   progress  in activities they offer . There are so many clubs and activities  to choose from. Looking forward to getting involves more!

I am such a big believer in improving areas in your life that you feel is needed or you watch to stretch yourself. Keep that a goal..Count your happies – listen more-take time in making a BIG  decisions .Pros and cons list is always helpful. Sure I rely on my core friends that are honest with me (even when it’s not what I wanted to hear) But I pray about it as well..We are surrounded with such a great support system that  we can count on. I guess you have to decide on what is most important in your life and areas that may need attention and tackle that .You CAN DO IT! 

When I started to blog has been on my list to do for a few years now. I was nervous scared and excited all in one. But I can’t tell you how many people I have come across that  are in my shoes- same story -same experiences and have that connection of OMGOODNESS ” you too” yeah! there is someones else like me! ha  It has been an excellent tool for so many reasons. I would so recommend it. I hear a few friends say :I don’t have  time” again “MAKE time’ set a few hours a week unplug for a bit and just blog! Its kind of  been my journal  and getting thoughts ideas, ,helping others ,finding answers .Bloggin  is such a huge platform, Take advantage of it! Of course I am like a sponge I want to learn and absorb as much as I can!

  • Happy New year to you!  Wish you the best in the NEW year with New journey! Whatever that may be!!


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  1. Thank you so much! YES- I DO! I will post pics soon. Its in the silo at the moment waiting for a facelift and me some warm weather to fixer up! Its -4 today! Always- good to have a pipe dream.-that is what we live for huh .lol Happy New year to you also!

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  2. Loved this post. Very inspiring! I want to see photos of your camper! My husband and I want one of those retro steel campers. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Alas it’s quite the pipe dream right now haha. Gives us something to look forward to though! Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

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