New year  has arrives its a good time to ask-what is important to you! How to insurance myself of a well-balanced life. It’s easy to get root out details. For an example, ;you might want to set your goals that relate to how you want to look like in this world. Reshape your entire life in a positive way. .Prosperity wealth,pleasure and gratification is the blueprint to our fulfillment.

I believe we all crave for a meaningful life. .To each one of us that can be different achievements. and have different meaning..Lets be honest here. some staples of life .We all have a duty. Which is a” BIG’ word  and can be daunting to some .To me it means-Righteousness ,truth, responsibility a purpose in life. You decide each day what needs to be done and have the strength to get up and do so.

Prosperity” success, wealth abundance .Is basically  to  support your life mission. Rather it being “things” vehicle-home- also awareness ,understanding what you need to get along in this world. Good health and money to survive is also a meaning of prosperity. Of course its the organic reality all depends on you .Ask yourself what do you need to play the role . For instance -I  am expanding my business and turning our silo in a store .What is it I need-I ask. But in this crazy complicated world we live in is material gizmos and gadgets  exist for our” perks “It isn’t about denying or dismissing the world, but how to figure out how to borrow, represent and what we see is truly treasured ,beneficial  and appreciated to “you” It is the know-how to live a fruitful life.

Pleasure-is what drives us & makes the world go around. To me it brings ‘Joy ,grace,togetherness,affection into our lives.Pleasure can also mean “sacrifice” To much pleasure can also lead us to  addictions-empty doings- the hunger for selfishness. It is so sad to see that .I see it more and more . Especially with everything these days at our finger tips. We take pleasure from  our family ,friends wisodm, life lessons, and peace. I don’t  believe there is life without pleasure. There are so many pleasures from dividing  into  bowl of ice cream to exercising or finding your own way to practice that gives yourself permission to grow. Focusing on the right kind of pleasures can lead you to unravel and fulfil your own trail of pleasure! You DECIDE!!

I guess that is why Our shirt ” Choose joy  today ” is one of our top 5 shirts we sell! (thanks to our beautiful niece Abagail modeling it for us!) #joy

You can purchase at freckled-finch.com

abby joy (2)


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