Progress- sink installed- door up Walls getting painted
Make room for the washer and dryer

Some of you know (if reading my blog) are aware we purchased a concrete silo Last January. It mounds of work to do! It has kept us busy to say the least. I have posted some projects along the way. Here is the bath room and hallway. This hallway seemed to be somewhat unnecessary & uselss space. We” needed” that extra space with just only one bathroom. Challenge was digging through 8 inches of concrete to run the pipe. There is only a small space ( a bunker) underneath the silo. We could tie it all in with the main bathroom and make room for the laundry room. Tight space but ,it worked out just fine. I a bit extra proud of this project. I got to measure-cut- and put the walls up. In the picture with the kids clothes hanging on the wall. I want to share our treasures. My hubbys family is from England. They knitted the sweetest sweaters for our children. The baby shoes , socks are our daughters- hubbys-grandma and grandpa’s. Just so” THANKFUL” to have all of them and able to display them.The little red hutch was made from a local man ,we purchased it 26 yrs ago. We have a large matching one as well. The man passed away shortly after.We are joyful to have it!

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