Happy Friday y’all . I want to share some fun little tips that you can DO! Always on the up & up with  an easy   approach to quick solutions .With hardly spending anything! Those little details that can make a difference!

1. One that is on the top of my list  is ” my version of homemade Febreeze -simply reuse your febreeze bottle or a spray bottle will do the trick as well. Add 1 cap full of your fabric softener into the bottle- fill rest with water.. That’s it ! Been using this for 8 yrs or so.

2.I believe it is always best to have a little treat of some sort on hand for when company comes over or that unexpected visitor. I hear it all the time” I don’t have time to bake something” okay- When I stop by subway -they offer day old cookies .for $2. I bring them home and pop them in freezer. or try your local bakery too. Doesn’t hurt them to freeze and pull them out .I have several visitors that love that little touch when they come to visit!

3.If you have a swifter -give this a whirl. Those little sheets to place on the end can be costly. I take a washcloth & 2 rubber bands . (if your washcloth doesnt fit into the slots)When I use one side I flip it over and repeat. Pop it in the wash machine with cleaning rags. Perfect fix and saves money!

4. I have cleaned house for over 10 years. I have had many ask “what is your favorite cleaner” I have to say for the bathroom, I will ONLY use scrubby bubbles. I do pay the extra for the change of colors for 2 reason. 1. when I spray it in the tub shower, & sink I clean the other part of the bathroom while that is working its magic! When the color is clear I know I am ready to wash it out. 2nd reason being I can see where I sprayed it so  all areas are covered! 

5. Fabric sheets are my friend. Sure they can be expensive. So when on sale  I stock up or the generic version is fine too. I love to take a few ,place them in some unseen areas to give it a fresh take on a drawer etc. I like to place a few in the sock drawers, I even place a few next to the doors people come in and out of. ( maybe in a basket or arrangement you have hanging) I even place a few in the bathroom. Love keeping a few in with my towels !  If they loose that fresh smell, I will take a squirt of  essential   oil of them to give them a boost, for a bit longer.

Well I hope these are a bit of a help to you as they are for me. Or maybe you already knew them. Just fun little things that can make a detail stand out! Feel free to share any ideas you have, like hearing new fun facts !



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