→ƒ→ words can be challenging .When I was thinking about what to blog about. I realized many were ƒ-words.! ƒear-forgiveness -fix-frowning & my ƒavorite “ ƒollowing

Let me explain and break it down .”fear” We all have fear -one of my biggest fears is” snake” Yep, I scream,+ jump on who ever is closest to me +

say bad words, you name it .

Just ask my friends, they will tell you how,,crazy ridiciolous I am about snake’s .Makes no difference in size ,color ,etc. Only good snake is a dead one. (To me)I am a screaming lunatic for sure. Mayb it comes from my childhood and my wonderful brothers would throw dead snakes on me- or they chased me with them. Not sure. but no snakes for me. What is I believe more fearful then snakes (if that’s possible) is the fear of the unknown.that is another blog post itself. Maybe another day on that!

Forgivness-⇒ HUGE word with a HUGE definition attached .As I have become older seems to of got easier in some aspect. Grace Wins right?! Forgiving doesn’t necessary mean forgetting. I have had people (friends) (not any longer) have stolen from me. Sure I was mad, asked WHY? filled with disappointment. When I stepped away from the situation .I realized -I know where I stand with that person (s).They must have needed so much more than I did.Of course knowing simply not true. I believe cause they thought they could and its “OK” It’s NOT OK. If you want something from me “ASK” Then I said a prayer for them and hope they realize was it worth it & what did it cost you? It’s on them now.

Frowning ⇒-WHY? I see these young ladies with such mean facial expressions.Miserable looking. So much to smile about. Help put a smile on someones face. How is it healthy to walk around looking unhappy,it tends to shape your attitude and give off a not so good vibe..Ask yourself “do you want to be around or be surrounded by unhappy frowning,miserable people. I certainly dont. When I see someone frowning .I give the biggest smile back at them!! Try it! or keep smiling!

Following ⇒ my favorite. BUT- double edge sword for sure. do not be confused. YES- I like to be one of a KIND! Not get swallowed up in a crowd of wana be’s. I follow people with great attitudes, people I can learn from,people make a difference. Don’t confuse that with I want to follow them because “it’s the thing to do” or “everyone else is doing it” Stand out follow, your dreams, inspiration, follow something near and dear to your heart. Dont make your heart heavy because you have to do what so & so is doing and be miserable! YES we have all been guilty of that at one point in our life!

FIX- what a NAVIGATING word. I LOVE to fix things “guilty as charged” I see a sad lonely project and want to give it a “FACELIFT” and fix it! I enjoy fixing up half-baked ideas, ( I so often have! )HA BUT- yep hear it is.– I like to “FIX” situations and people. I know- right , When I see someone struggling or having a difficult time, situation calls my name to say FIX IT” I cant help it . But I am trying ,(PROMISE) It isn’t always an easy fix although I would like to snap my fingers and it be ok. . I guess maybe it bleeds over from fixing “junk and giving it a NEW life again” I am fully aware some people don’t want “FIXED” A special dear sweet friend of mine, has made me realize & help fix me (ha) ‘ Unless they ask for your help or opinion DONT step across that line. She couldn’t be more right. Only wished she would have shared this very important information early on (haha ) ( how dare her) sometimes go through rough patches to get the” BIG picture & experience ” I guess I want to RUSH the process, & spare them pain. My nose gets the best of me . I am a working gal in progress.

I am not sure if this post is any help at all or if you got a chuckle out of my babbling . Either way- Its something to read and if 1 person walks away with a smile or says “I get that , just be mindful of others a bit more even. If a a belly laugh at expense , gives you smile for the day then I am good with that too. !

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