First time we saw this house from the outside ,it SCREAMED at me .It was tired, lonely and no longer full of life. But I am sure great memories for many. Knowing that my husband wanted to retire in few yrs, it was looking better & better. My hubby’s handy man work and my vision of design we took it on. Mind you we had one week to make it livable to get moved in. With help of a family friend Charlie & our son Swayde. We dug in hard-12+ hours a day.Walls came down-rooms got rearranged and the worn out fixtures went away. We filled a dumpster in a quick minute!.   Had another reason to roll up our sleeves for wanting this house. It was so unique ,a round concrete silo. The former owner worked at the local silo company.The home just made a statement. It was very important for the space to be comfortable and functional,a place where people want to spend time and feel comfortable I wanted the house to tell the story, with our family keep sakes,flea market finds  mixed with a few new pieces. Didnt want it to feel overwhelming keeping it simple,fresh and fun!. Keeping it uncluttered is “edit-edit-edit.” Less is more .It truly is a process or intuition. You can’t just throw it together in an hour. When people ask for my opinion on decorating or come look at a room for them to re-do They sometimes think I just snap my fingers and it appears. To be honest it can take a while to decide on how to display certain items. People have always told my husband and I ,we are such a creative team.Yes we are! I say the secret is we speak each others lingo! I have been the “creative ” one in the family,clear back in my childhood. I can’t leave a room sit still for to long. I think you should always continue to change things up .Give a fresh take on a room Here are few suggestions I tend to live by- Create your own -Old farm items -,ladders quilts. old pictures .But use them as a centerpiece of the room. Convert old to New- take an old chest give it fresh coat of paint.Old headboards into wall art.Old ladders into display rack. It will always have more then one purpose. Think BIG- Find a huge piece, rather an oversized clock-armoire-table-let that be the highlight of the room,then let others fall in place. Create Balance – Nothing should be in a row,it can be too formal. Losen up ,think outside the box. Throw a blanket over a chair, mix some pillows up ,be playful. sprinkle some color. Color is tricky- I like one color ,then accent with a few shades off from it.Try adding one piece of black into the room. Makes a statement. Rather it be a clock-pillow-picture frames- end table.

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