That is CORRECT my friendspexels-photo-38674 No matter what your “LOVE”  happens to be .  Fill + Refill.  I believe that sometimes we can get into a rut and pattern of  neutral.  GUILTY myself . .I  tend to catch myself not being able to create or in a funk. That’s when I have to step back and remember just why I do this. and what I enjoy about  creating and making thing and  what I enjoy about it.  Make that connection again. Some times I will re- vamp my supplies, or go through and organize my ideas. Some times that can be enough. I have even had to put it away and revisit a week or 2 later.pexels-photo-403570 (2).jpg

When it comes to relationships , same approach as far as ,what I enjoy or like to do with this person. Even trying something new and out of my comfort zone. My hubby and I enjoy date night once a wk, We even take turns who gets to choose where we go and do. Lately we been watching TV- you have to know us. We do not have cable. We have antenna. We do have Netflix .People who know us can vouch we don’t really watch TV, or even know what’s really goin on  . Our kids are- in shock – when we tell them we are binge watching! Any who- its fun to try new things ,another way of filling your LOVE tank. Going on a mini trip ,somewhere new, fun, exciting can bring you closer to one another! Also helps to discover sometime new ,maybe challenging.  My  hubby and friends know what fills my “LOVE” tank in a hurry-  GOING   JUNKIN!  ha  I  get super  excited -just like a little kid on Christmas morning. I love the hunt-the story that is attached to it. and how much can I get it for! I am a JUNKSTA!

Take a chance and color outside the lines and discover  what fills your LOVE tank and how you can fill your spouse or friends LOVE tank! My husband loves it when I make his favorite cookie-or take a ride on a back road in his jeep .Let me tell ya ladies, when they think its their idea sometimes, ( I said sometimes) they light up and feel extra important. We all need that from time to time. I have a friend I can say LOVES being right ,always right, instead of arguing or pointing the obvious out. It is easier to agree and carry on. Makes her happy and makes me happy I don’t have to argue. So it is a WIN+ WIN. Both

tanks are filled !


Point being ~ explore how you want your “LOVE”  tank filled!  Happy filling!


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