Kitchen +Makeover = Budget

The kitchen is the ” heart” of the home ,at least for us.. When we purchased the silo,the kitchen was first up with a face lift. We needed the space to be functional and comfortable. Repurposing the cabinets were a must . Cabinets can be such an expenses, and take a big part of your budget. If you decide you are going to change out your cabinets ,always make sure you can re purpose the cabinets .Maybe in another room,or perhaps in the garage. Keep in mind a fresh cot of paint can give them a new life! Getting new cabinet’s were not in our budget .The cabinets we have were in good shape and well taken care of ,They just needed a fresh coat of paint! .We were on a mission -cabinet’s came out. a wall came down! I already had the vision of the wall opened up looking into the “new dining room .(that is no longer a bedroom) .The cabinets found a new home as a” island ” We took a field trip to find some new appliances. We are the couple who search the scratch and dent appliances. It helps cut cost and sticking to our budget. I was on a hunt for wall ovens..and a dishwasher. Never have had a dishwasher . that was was on the top of our list. Stainless is so overrated. A trip to sears-lowes and home depot. We always shop with cash. It keeps us in budget ! At sears we found a kitchen aid double oven in the scratch and dent isle! YES -SCORE

With reframing the new wall, dimensions didn’t matter, we can build around them. Of course I am a sucker for a story, sales lady told us a lady from Pennsylvania special ordered them and didn’t like them. So NO scratch or DENT . The B E S T part. they were $3200, Now $900. We said SOLD! The stove top was on sale too! Little did we know when we purchased them we got a $50 coupon for another appliance. Well- I found a kitchen aid dishwasher, GUESS WHAT- it was a floor model from the yr before.! SCORE again. It was black and was the most quiet dishwasher on the market. and was black ( I didn’t really care because I don’t even have one ) .Price was $1200 for $500. and a $50 coupon again! YES— you can stand next to it and not even know it is running .So I would buy this again for that reason!! We found a refrigerator, with coupon . Our budget was running thin. When we got our kitchen appliances. We had to have a dyer. I am not fussy about them matching. With $200 left in our pocket. We were worried. After back in forth at the other stores. No luck. We still had a $50 coupon at sears to use. The sales lady share and suggested we come back over the weekend .The washer and dryers would go on sale. It was a inconvenience. but we would make it work. Sure it would be easy to go splurge and get whatever. But our point of this move was to retire in a few years and save UP! We ran to sears that Sunday after church. and a dryer was $249 . We thought for that price if it went bad in a few years we ould be out a few hundred not several hundred. Besides I hang our clothes out, except when its cold out. .With my coupon,we came in at $200 just paid the extra for the tax. So SEARS was a success!! .Mission accomplished! Next up-Countertops. AGAIN granite is overrated. We so do not care to be in that circle of “What everyone else is doing” We really wanted soapstone. ,after looking at he price that wasn’t goin to happen. Real butcher-block (thank you Lowes) was goin to be on the island ( main cooking apace) Our 2nd option was concrete countertops. Of course we knew nothing on them. Knowing my dad was a wiz the masonry -youtube and the power to make it work. We GOT THIS! Dad and hubby got busy! Turned out perfect and all the countertops were done under $50. Best part my guys did them, unique and cheap!! All of those things are top rated in my book! SUCCESSFUL! So many people have asked about them, I could probably sub contract my dad out for work. He seems to think different on that idea ! ha The last challenge was how to cover the island and walls on a budget! That was my very own touch & project. I went to the garage and discovered I had all this lath left from dumpster diving. I had a “boat load”. Our son had most of the nails pulled out on most of it. As I started to put that up around the he island and above the sink . .my mother n law painted our cabinets. Kitchen took shape quickly! Staying in budget & repurpose was the main goal! We DID IT!! YEAH US!!

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  1. What a change!! You really made a whole lot of smart choices! We did our kitchen ourselves (and by that I mean my husband did almost all the work!) 10 years ago and used mostly Lowe’s with Sears appliances. It worked out great, but we didn’t find as many great bargains as you did– And glad you have the dishwasher!! We lived in Spain for 12 years with no dishwasher and when we came back to California– it felt like the best kind of luxury! Fun to read through your whole remodel!! xox

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