That has been a topic I am seeing /hearing lately. I thought I would tackle it head on.. I find myself crackling under my breath when people seem to think their 500 friends are ones who  follow them or tweet them etc. Ironically-maybe  they have only met them a handful of times, or not at all for that matter. Like do you receive points or a prize because we have all these “friends” maybe a ego stroke or something.

I define a” friend that knows all about you and still likes you”.

Acquaintance is a person one knows slightly who is not a close friend ” colleague-contact-associate” YES- there tends to be a BIG difference. I have a handful of friends – I can trust ,count on,listen to,vent to, share personal things with, I also know who I can trust in certain areas. Sure- they are still friends but a few I couldn’t tell a secret with only because they tend to feel they need to share, BUT- if I called them at 2 am, they would be there for me. Same here.

On the other hand I have a ton of acquaintances, I kinda have them sorted out . (ha) I know who to call about junkin or antiques-cooking question-business questions. All of these people are great resource’s, I don’t goto dinner or have them over for a cookout. & game night . I certainly don’t have the time to see what they ate for lunch much less anything other then that.

I tend to only have a group of family and close friends on my social media. Mainly because I really don’t care to see the claptrap for people I don’t know. I don’t have time for rigmarole in my schedule for that.. Most days it can be a challenge to keep in touch with family and people I want to, let alone have to poke and peep on others. I tell people happy b-day cause I know when it is -not because I get a reminder on social media that says “wish them a birthday ” Especially when I have only met them a handful of times. I feel its more genuine when you call or text or see them and natural because you do care .Makes it much more personable, in my opinion.

So may one ask “WHY do you blog” Great question- because I am putting myself out there. Its my journal in a sense. (just not private things) Sure a few followers are my “friends” others I have no idea. Yeah its a bit eerie & intimidating (for me) I follow stories and share stories I can associate with ,or is goin through something I may have and can relate. I love house projects and make overs. I ‘m a sponge and want to absorb others knowledge to learn-try new projects . I don’t have to deal with such hogwash and whos-who- and I called the “foolishness I don’t care about’ .Meaningless- I reckon- Maybe some get total satisfaction off of watching others fall or their life’s a such disarray .I am sorry ” but shame on you” WHY? Have you never been in a tough situation before? Of course you have. but to increase your shine because of it . It is not OKAY! When my friends are having a hic up I am there for them -not c spread cheer about it. YES- when my friends are having a turning point& acheivement I am cheering them on. YEAH you!! Because that is what friends do.! pexels-photo-287222.jpeg

Having coffee and catching up with my friends is a time well spent .My time is valuable and I choose to make the most of it! I bet you will surprise yourself when you have extra free time to do what you need or actually want when you take a step back and decide Friends/acquaintance and really set aside how you want to spend your precious time.

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