pexels-photo-262918.jpegWhats cooking? In our home lately- I am trying some new things. I must share ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook/bake.However been crazy weird with just the 2 of us now. Occasionally the kiddos stop in for in again family. I have always cooked for enough to feed an army. I have been introduced to a few new solutions to over cooking..At Christmas time I discovered the mini Instant pot! WHOOT- WHOOT! Quick ,Easy & HEALTHY. It’s perfect for 2! The next thing I want to share is .Our daughter turned me onto Ebates- I have some friends that LOVED it ALSO! On their I discovered Blue Apron.

When watching the today show ,they showed all  the home deliveries. Blue Apron won all the awards hands down . It was  never on  my radar to look into that.,see the need. When I came acrossed it on Groupon and Ebates. I was certain I needed to take a closer look. When I did, I found out WOW-2-3 meals a week. .I pick the protein. Delivery all fresh food. the perfect size servings. When I was discussing this with my hubby ,he even said- Lets try it!

We went through -made our selections and waited for it to arrive.!! I can’t lie-but ITS GOURMET food-top of line! DELICIOUS! Little did I ever imagine. it brought us together tot cook together. Easy-,took little time and time spent together was priceless. Now ,its like Christmas ,waiting on our package to arrive! We get to rate it and order for the next week! .No contract, you are in control of how many & how much you want. I must say if we went to a fancy restraint. we would pay $15-20 a meal.  each. So this was what we needed after all. Only downside to this ,is I have to follow directions when cooking. I usually never measure things nd throw things together. it has always  worked for me. adding ingredients I normally wouldn’t have in my pantry. Branching out and trying new things can be adventurous. We are  liking it!


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