We are like department stores!

YES_ we are like department stores. I say we have all kinds of stores. Some we need to have a sale-clearance out- or expand! I try to focus on what needs work and try to improve on that. Some takes more effort and lot of work. Some simply come natural.pexels-photo-279086.jpeg

Like “patience” that’s a huge store for me, needs a make over / revamp service. I have been working on that .

Being unkind– Store is CLOSED-

Listening– Its open 24 hours. problem I have is not to try and fix everyone simply listen.

Adventure-Umm, just had the grand opening! We are “NEW’ empty nesters”   learning all over again why you fell in love with your spouse. Keeping in mind needs and wants have changes!

Time- that store has hours. set hours mostly. I  set a side time for things. Like I work on certain days. Blog a few days a week. Exercise on certain days etc.  you don’t set boundaries with  your time line and mange it. It can easily slip away and not much is accomplished.pocket-watches-time-of-time-watches-51396.jpeg

Laughter-It has had a facelift. I can laugh at myself now- not be to serious. So that is working progress!

Learning– WOW that should be a franchise! HA HA- The older I get he less I know .So I believe its a good thing to keep learning. Although these kids seem to know so much more  then us (older crowd) with their smart phones in hand .Because they can google anything ya know-Except life experiences !!

Loving A total OVERHUL- The kind of LOVE you have ,show and experience as you become older. I used to believe if you LOVED what others do as much, you would be ok and possibly  “fit in” example like wearing clothes or listening to the music .things that we all love .As we become older, family,kids and life ,We grow out of that rather quickly. To Love  a spouse, a child, a passion for something you hold dear to you, that is another entire world  of LOVE. To Love another human being then yourself is a BIG DEAL. that one cant explain (not even google) for that matter. I believe we can LOVE things-  but being in Love and expressing Love is another ball game folks.

Time- I think I have closed one “time store” and reopened another ..With a deeper appreciation of what time means. You hear everyone needed more time. Rarely hear what we do in the time allowed. After losing my father in law this year. I freezed wanted time to stand still. Of course it doesn’t. He knew he only had time. We made that a time count. Family and the quality of life took front and center. It made us look at life through a new windshield. How precious time is to one. I guess that is where I reiterate- How do you want to spend your time ? through social media and with people you don’t know or even care about. People are so caught up in that these days- when they cant allow time for who is with them in the moment. I see that sadly when I go out for dinner. all the ember are on their phone, not talking to each other. It totally breaks my heart to see. I would give it all up to spend time with our loved ones that are not here with us. So I guess I am trying to make the most of it now. Life is not a rehearsal there are no do overs. 

What is your department stores- I would like to know ! Always up for another angle of topics! 


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