Not sure if  you are somewhat had your fill of the snow/cold weather. Some tend to hibernate, I am a busy lady, don’t sit still for 10 mins. This year I have to say-WOW . I am so hibernating.  I am kinda  like  it. Don’t get me wrong ,I get  a bit bored, little stir crazy at times . The beautiful fields covered with snow and dear grazing, It is Gods masterpiece of BEAUTIFUL!

I cant help to think I am to sit back ,reflect and finish connecting the dots to this new stage of life my hubby and I are in .The house is so quiet.  My hubby and I are doing many “new” things together ,with no interruptions, cooking more  together,couple extra date nights, more snuggling on the couch while watching Netflix.  No real place we have to be, on  our own time frame.  No gardening-mowing or porch sitting .Life is at a slower pace my friends. So I am a firm believer, this is what  I  (we) are suppose to be doing.img1509911244705~26337357784774222635..jpg

I used to get angry -angry like a bear I wasn’t so sure what I was to do,and how to sit still for that matter. Now I am “getting it” Even our kids are surprised we have slowed down and taking a breath or 2. I am trying new things, watching TV-puzzles-reading- scratching new ideas and blogging! Its all good- Life is a mystery ,one thing I am sure of ,one mystery no one can solve! I am right where I want and need to be! 

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