I like the unexpected,. Everyone tends to get caught up in the “trend” that will go away next year. I like to have timeless pieces, sprinkle of bold yet beautiful. Buy some history at an antique mall or shop,Maybe a flea market. I buy a few of those, I mostly have family pieces with rich history . Try color.make a statement. rather its an accent wall. a sofa or chair.Maybe the pillows. Plus those are easier to change.by using a blank or pale backdrop its easy to add the color. Embrace it, don’t be afraid. Style- choose your style kinda of like an outfit. or make up .sometimes just adding lipstick can be a nice POP. maybe jeans & white shirt but a colored scarf or sweater can pull it together. I am a total sucker for history and a story so my style would be just that .i want it to tell a story and have sense of comfortable. Just like a comfy old pair of jeans.I am so drawn to things that say put your feet up! No to DONE- when a room is DONE .its OVER a dead room. Swap out picture frames, pillows, a throw, new rug, maybe flowers or a new lamp .Bring it to life again. Just like we may get a new hair do or we ad highlights maybe have our nails painted boldly/ Its the same thing when decorating. Your never finished or DONE! Sparkle- We all love al little sparkle. Like jewelry. I am not too fancy. just a sprinkle. By adding a vintage vase with flowers. Maybe a light fixture. Perhaps even cover a footstool in fuzzy fur .It adds warmth to the room. and its a quick fix! I made to shams for these pillows using an animal print.! A signature stamp- Mine is add a bird to e ach room or project. With our last name as Finch .I collect birds. Everyone should have a signature stamp. Outside the lines. I prefer to color outside the lines. I take pieces and turn them into a different use for them. No boring here. That’s what makes thing’s unique and hidden details that make a big statement. People say WOW I didn’t think of that. It gets their wheels a turning. For example I used a old barn door for a table top. I needed to add length onto the table. So I stripped the door down ,paint and ta-da! SURPRISE- Call attention to the unpredictable small detail. In this case I did it with a vintage golf club.as a curtain rod. Our son plays golf at college .So I wanted to incorporate that into his room Repurpose- if at all possible reuse and repurpose. Rather you add a clip cover .Make new pillow shams. In this room I reused flowers from our daughters wedding. To remind us of that day. of course I used a concrete vase to stay with the theme of our concrete house! Treasures- We all have special pieces and maybe not sure how to display them.I do that with several items. In this case I wanted to display all my grandmas baking ribbions she had won. I placed them in a glass canister my brother got us for a wedding gift. Along sits a scoop my hubbys grandma had. In our hutch I wanted to share our nans pic. she was the glue of this family. we miss her everyday. so when we walk by and see it it is a lovely reminder .The glasses were my father n laws that we lost a few months ago. So many stories with his glasses. Wanted a little piece of him to share as well. Of course my signature bird !00000portrait_00000_burst201801191008291988976714231616468778.jpg

Maybe these little tips will be helpful. Don’t be afraid to clear a room our .rearrange and have fun with you fun finds!

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