Growing up camping was some of the best memories. Going different places, meeting new people. Adventure I guess. When my hubby and I met we shared our different stories of camping. He and I went and started our own memories!  When we started a family we took them. We had tents, campers of all sorts. As the kids got older ,camping seem to fade away with all the school activities and jobs they had. A few years ago we bought a camper and our son ( junior in hs) and off we went. The smell of a camp fire is something I LOVE- the campfire foods, fishing, and simply

Is it relaxing. I mean lets face it, you have “to set up” bring firewood, food, bikes make the beds up and on and on. Just like being at home I’d say. YES- when you sit around the fire  and catch up ,unwind and surrounded by others enjoying themselves. Families making memories. Awww, my heart fills up  when I see kids playing, family at the picnic tables! 

We sold our camper last summer, with plans to “upgrade” if you will. But we lost my father n law, our daughter got married and son left for college. So wasn’t at the top of our priority list. But now back on track we have been looking and hoping by spring to be the owner of a camper! I wana  go Glamping thou With being empty nesters, we can go anywhere,  not having to be close to home incase our son is working and wants to join us. We have the ability to travel and see as much as we can. Explore new places. 

Mostly to sleep in our own beds and eat our own food! But to have the best of both worlds. Sorta like a mini vacation. Basically instead of a hotel we stay in our camper. Sure we will have the camp fire, but  unwinding and relaxing  is making our memories in new places. .We already have a few places in mind- So wish us luck we find  one sooner than later! 

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