Listening to the radio & Garth Brooks song comes on . It made me smile- So many of us are not sure how to. There is so much to smile about. Maybe we overlook that. A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear-If you ask me) . A smile can make a person who isn’t haven’t the best of days, smiling could be just what they needed. Its be gracious, friendliness, to look happy and hopefully can be contagious. .

Laughing is some of the best medicine. Relationship’s * MUST *require laughing or its doomed. Laughing at yourself is certainly a good thing. I catch myself laughing about the smallest things. My hubby and I been watching “Better late then never” talk about laughing, We have tears comes down . Those men are having so much fun’ We LOVE it. They don’t care if people are laughing at them , they just want to make others laugh!! pexels-photo-54204.jpeg

Laughing can always be a distraction to something you may be struggling with. That is OKAY! Have you ever found yourself in that situation that is “awkward” and we laugh? Why is that? I reckon because we are not so sure what to do. My husband is really good at that. Me= I just don’t say much or change that subject. Our cousin that we cant wait to hear her laughing, it’s the BEST, its genuine and has this crackle to it ( that is hard to describe,) snorting even takes place. But she makes all of us split our side. I am a definitely a fan of the belly laugh that makes your stomach hurt . Those are the best! This friend of ours – when she begins a story and starts laughing ,doesn’t stop . We tend to get bits and pieces of her story, So we never do hear the full tale she is sharing. But listening to her makes it worth it!

Our cousin Terri- Love her laugh!! 


If each of us took a minute of the day and find something to laugh about or with .I almost bet we can see more smiles = happy people . That’s a good thing!

Laugh away friends! Give a smile that is contagious!

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