with this Ohio weather -I am totally ready for a few road trips! We been  making list  & exploring options! Taking on a new chapter in our life.No longer do we need have a certain time line with  being new empty nesters!pexels-photo-62279.jpeg

Fall is our favorite time of the year-pretty-crisp cool air and those fall colors are the BEST!  Spring is around the corner. We are taking turns on mapping out our whereabouts! I have always wanted to see the tulip festival in Holland! (Michigan)  Keeping in mind only 1 week the festival takes place! To see all the 3 million colorful tulip’s and a new city seems to a good start! We have family about 30 mins away so its a 2 in 1 visit!! 

pexels-photo-722024.jpegMy hubby choose a place we have enjoyed,” Topsail “l.One of the most beautiful-low crowd simple way of life in the Carolinas! We are “those people” who like to hog the quiet and take in the sounds of the ocean. Maybe read a book-take a nap- walk on the beach! Hubby is set on staying at a mom  & pop place in Topsail that feels like home .   Sea shell picking -here we come!

I have been checking out the little favorite hidden gems to visit! Galena Illinois is looking like a quick trip or  Apostle Islands Wisconsin’s Blue Lake around San Juan mountains Colorado looks like something out of a magazine! .Maybe  take a dip in the Blue hole in Morgantown WV. The chapel in Bella Vista Arkansas  seems a peaceful place, photo taking paradise! Awww so many places to see! Any thoughts or tidbits are welcome.! We are not crowd people, Please keep that in mind! Just for   a long weekend trip! We have our week-long ones already scheduled!pexels-photo-297642.jpeg

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