Valentines Day/Hallmark Day

heart-cord-suspended-love-160836.jpegThis is an easy one for me ,Never have I been caught up in Valentines day. When I met my husband 30 yrs ago ,we both had the same outlook .We are not  in favor of having a day on the calendar tell us to “do something special for our loved one”  we do those things throughout the year. I cant get over the money people spend on flowers-candy -cards due to the fact a date  on a calendar  reminds you to ” (No wonder hallmark stays in business. ) be nice-do something sweet” for  your lover!  I hear the men chatter ” I get points” Points- I respond to can you imagine how many points you can get if you did it more often?  I do get quite the look -for sure. 

Even though it may not be much to some people. I do little things like put gas in the car- (although he is old school & does it for me ) or clean his car out -little love notes in the lunch box- tuck a little scratch off ticket in his pocket. He spoils me too with the little things , when he makes me a cup of coffee on the weekends, he stops by the store to pick up some cheese and crackers  maybe some shrimp ,surprises us   to watch a movie. I certainly don’t mind when he picks up the table & does dishes , after a big family meal- that is wonderful-. What I love the most is when he comes home & wants to hear all about my day!  Not to mention we have date night weekly! I feel like its “valentines day” throughout the year. We try to stay on the same page and in tune with one another.pexels-photo-248016.jpeg

We have some friends that place so much pressure on each other when 2-14 comes around. They are not even sure what the other wants.  Or make a announcement to everyone on how much they spend-like what does that mean? Do you just hand them a $100 bill and tell everyone? WOW- that’s special. To this day friends ask us-What did you get?  Same as last year,  nothing- we don’t get all hype that you get. Still a perplexed look appears on their face -like they are surprised.  To each his own I reckon. Putting pressure on your relationship can cause a strain . Do things because you want to do so. We have enough people telling us what to do- like the bank ( make a payment)- pay your utilities’ -your  boss- kids (ha)  school activities- those are dates on the calendar., this shouldn’t be one too. Love your sweetie & show them everyday! pexels-photo-273026.jpeg

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