We are certainly spoiled with the beautiful sun rises & sunsets.


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Every evening we are sitting down to eat our meal and there is the sun setting and we pause and I usually run out to get a pic! Like- I wish we could freeze frame it.  My husband leaves at 4 am for work so he doesn’t get the pleasure of snatching up the sunrise until the weekend.

What a treat. Gods beautiful masterpiece. We had some friends in for dinner last night, they live in the big city, she sat at the window and was in complete Awe- Says we don’t get to see those. If feels like a short pause of a therapy session without words. I was a bit sad that they don’t get to see them, I felt sorry they don’t get that experience. Then it came to me how spoiled we are. Its the little things! I cant wait til this Ohio weather turns warm and we can sit outside by the camp fire and be spoiled every night!! To hang our laundry out and catch a glimpse of the sunrise. GREAT  way to start & end your day!  Count the happies y’all!img_20171026_1853206117866001408172116.jpgimg_20180125_173446-15077119537412981346.jpg  ***************SOOOOOO SPOILED************

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