Hello friends~ We are cleaning the silo out to have a H_U_G_E silo sale! Gathering my junk and LETTING GOOOOO of some things. Called upon a few friends to join me! My hubby is excited about grilling hot dogs and watching  people pick through things!  Now I need to start pricing .I hope I don’t loose site and stay focused of getting rid of some things. Because when you have a ton of stuff to sift through it can be daunting and I don’t want  to just throw a price on it to hurry this process along. So I need to do things in steps.How sad is this- I AM A CHAIR AHOLIC I need help people. There is just something about chairs that talk to me. I have over 30 to get rid of .HELP I say! ( or my husband says help her) haha  Its a sickness!!

When you see others come and want to buy and collectors come and share their stories its AWESOME. (not gona lie) Always great to see others &  be able to connect with people that share your passion! Of course I am a SUPER sucker for a story! The biggest thing I have to do is keep in mind, when our friends bring their stuff, well I need to NOT look and turn my head. Point is to get  rid of things. (ha) that of course is a bit of a stretch of the imagination. we are always buying one another’s treasures. Fingers Crossed for good weather and happy hunters!!

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