Happy Saturday friends- been a while. I have been walking most mornings with a friend at our local Walmart.Usually for an hour or so. During our walk I look around I see People do not seen to want to take care of themselves. As few days passed, I really started to take notice, even at other places I had been. ~Its everywhere~ Woman don’t seem to want to get dressed, what is it about being in  your PJ’s all day? or they don’t even comb their hair.Men are about equal, crack hangs out, belly showing- do not seem to shave in days, maybe weeks…Its so sad. I am not sure I understand how its hard to take care of yourself. Even growing up our grandmas,never wore jeans, maybe applied lipstick before goin out. Always looked nice and neat.Even if they didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  I have to say my mom is 70 and she is always taken such great care of herself. I tell others  if I could look half as good as her I would be proud. I have defentily followed her example in how to be presentable. Sure even when my friend and I walk we have fixed our hir- we are nice and neat-. Why is it so hard to comb our hair ,tuck your shirt in or at least wear one that fits,? When you feel good about yourself, you can be positive-upbeat. Ready to get on with your day. It makes me sad that these young ladies aren’t even 20 and look 40

What is it grown woman trying to act like their in  high school again? Does it make you feel young? When I see a mother daughter its like they seem to want to be sister’s instead. I am not sure you agree but I lived high school years once, Don’t care to revisit them!  Wearing there sleeves rolled up- the knot in the shirts the headbands are especially the worst. Come on ladies. -Your not 16 again.Men, how do you think you appear to anyone when you wear the black socks to the calves and basketball shorts, cut off shirts. Your 40 for goodness sakes. Are you looking for a younger woman or have you just not accepted your 40?

Your poor ladies- of many ages. WHy WHy WHy do you wear the shortest shorts imaginable? When you put them on -ask yourself would you like to see your daughter-mothers grandma-even dad wearing them. EXACTYLY- What makes you think we want to see that-? Leave something to the imagination. What gets me they are digging  the shorts out of their *!%*” while walking – .   &  to believe parents allow them to wear  around like that. .Shame on you- There is nothing wrong with cut off , but when but cheeks and whatever hangs out- No that’s not- so much ok- Be tasteful, PLEASE

I tell you- take pride in yourself .Look the part at the age you are. Quit trying to look like your in high school .Clearly your NOT. Wear a shirt -that fits.Certain people don’t want see your  belly hanging out.  Please shave- Would you want us ladies going a week or month without shaving- EXACTLY- Keep the PJ’s for bedtime folks. When you look good you feel good- Take care of yourself!

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